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Holiday Gifts


​Every year since 2014 we give away Build A Bear Reindeers to the babies and kids hospitalized in the CHSU (Congenital Heart Surgery Unit) at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas during the holidays. Although it is a simple gift, it brings joy and a little bit of hope to the families during those difficult moments that time of the year. In better words, as a heart mom once told us:

Toy Shop
Hospital Goodies Closet

There are a lot of items needed at the hospital for babies and kids in the heart unit that the hospital does not provide but are so important for their comfort, stimulation, entertainment and well being such as:

"This was a bright spot on a cloudy morning".


We also provide winter themed flannel blankets to the heart kids, Starbucks gift cards and gas gift cards to the parents and a meal for the medical staff in the CHSU. Because their love and dedication to take care of our children in the ICU is priceless and that meal is our way to say "thank you" every year.


Help us bring joy to these

heart kids this year!

  • Baby bouncers

  • Crib mobiles

  • Interactive toys

  • Electronic devices for older kids

  • Mittens, gloves, socks and knitted hats for babies

  • Cute blankets

  • Colorful socks for kids

  • Baby girl bows

  • Dvd o blue ray movies and devices

  • New released xbox games (non violent)

  • Crayons, colored pencils and coloring books.

Medical City Nurses Check.JPG
Educational Conferences for Nurses

This year we introduce this new project in which we want to raise funds to give nurses form the CHSU at Medical City Children's Hospital the opportunity to attend educational conferences to enhance their nursing skills specific to critical care and children with CHD.

The cost of these conferences considering transportation, accommodations, meals and educational sessions, are $1500 per nurse.

Hotel Room
Nathan's Hotel Nights


If you live in a big city you are lucky enough to have all the health specialties at reach. Even, you can choose between several choices. But there are families that live in towns or small cities that have to travel miles to reach these health services. Now imagine being away from home with a critical ill child in the hospital for weeks and even months. 

For every $100 donated, we can give a heart family a night at a hotel near the hospital.

This is a program honoring Nathan Weems, a courageous little boy with  a contagious smile who fought until the end. We had the great honor to support Nathan's amazing family with their hotel nights in Dallas for the last 5 years. Now we are re-naming our lodging program with Nathan's name in his memory.

Garage Sales to Raise Funds

We welcome your gently used stuff!

We will sell it to raise funds.


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